Monday, May 25, 2009

And the Silver Shoes Go to ...

FUTURELINT! Drop me a note at and I'll set you up, doll.

Thanks to everyone who entered. You are all fabulous, and have wonderfully varied taste in music. I LOVED reading your entries!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Silver Bow Shoes, Yours for a Song

So I bought these UTTERLY FANTASTIC vintage silver bow heels from ButlerandMaid's Etsy shop (which you should totally check out, especially since I pirated these photos from them and kinda owe them one). And I was superpsyched to get them and plan outfits around them and saunter around feeling sassy in them.

And they are too small. Which I should've known since they're a 7.5 and I wear an 8, for Pete's sake.

SO! I'm giving them away. All's you've got to do is comment on this post, proclaiming your love for these shoes by utilizing song lyrics. Just insert a phrase here and there, let me know which song/artist you're quoting, and be creative! Enter by midnight CST on Sunday, May 24 and I'll select the winner at random on Monday, May 25.

Remember, these are a size 7.5 so don't enter unless they'll fit you or someone you love.

Anyone from anywhere can enter, but be aware that if you live in Guam, I may mail them to you by sea turtle.


Due to an advertising agreement, I can't do contests and giveaways over at Already Pretty, so I've launched this mirror blog. Watch this space for fun free stuff!