Monday, October 26, 2009

Whooga Review

So here's the deal. The good people at Whooga offered to send me a pair of sheepskin boots. And I rail against wearing these things in public fairly regularly. And, in fact, I stand by those railings. They're called Uggs because they're UGLY. And unflattering, too! What a fantastic combo.

However, I wear sheepskin slippers around my drafty built-in-1925 bungalow all through the Minnesota winter, and they keep me from losing my tootsies to frostbite. And the prospect of trading in my meager, now-threadbare slips for sheepskin up to my knees? Well, it was hard to resist THAT.

I landed a review pair of the Chestnut Sheepskin Classic Tall boots, and have worn them many times since their arrival. However,these boots will pretty much only be worn with the gooftastic PJ pants shown in the above photo. And they will mainly be worn when I'm doing this:

And for this? They are bliss. Soft and squishy and warm and delightful. I am cold all the time - even when Simon Kitty is purring in my lap - but I think these boots will help keep me from shivering as I type. They're a bit of an investment for a house shoe, but if you consider cost-per-wear, they're well worth it. And it really does make a huge difference trading in slippers that barely reach my ankles for knee-high boots. I'm not sure I've ever felt cozier.

Will I ever wear them to run to the grocery store? Not a chance. Will I wear them every day after work as I putter around the house? Most definitely.

Well, until summer anyway ...


Belle de Ville said...

Those boots look so warm and comfy. Do you think that they would send me a pair to "review"?

Bridget said...

FINALLY. At last someone understands that items of clothing are temporally AND location specific! Fleece pjs and wool slippers are not to be worn out of the house, but man...they do their job well!

Work With What You've Got said...

OK, I am VERY Pro-Ugg/Whooga/Other Brand in the house as well, and for driving through Dunkin Donuts on Saturday AM and the like. But I am very against wearing them in public. I rail against it all the time. I can go on and on. But you know what? I have TOTALLY done it. Making chocolate chip cookies and ran out of eggs? Need to run in to the gas station for soda? Beer run at 10 PM Saturday night? Yeah. I have totally done it. It’s wrong, but I’ve done it. You HAVE to promise you will let us know if and when it happens to you. The comfort outweighs the shame sometimes.

Sal said...

Belle: Worth a shot!

Bridget: Totally. I saw teenage girls at the mall in actual slippers - like sheepskin scuff slippers - last weekend and nearly fell over. Oy.

WWWYG: Hahahaha. Promise to fess up if I ever venture out of Casa McGraw with these bad boys on.

Career Changer said...

You know my Dad always wore his slippers in the car whenever he had to pick up my teenage self. Thinking about it he wears them in the car when picking up the 30 year old me. So got to say I'm with you Uggs are for the house not going outside.

Audi said...

So, SO glad not to see you in a short skirt, bare legs, and these boots. Perfect house slippers, completely inappropriate for anywhere else. Oh, but I guess if you wanted to shovel the snow from your driveway in them, that would be ok too.

Melissa de la Fuente said...

You are a cutie pie my friend! And These look oh so comfy!