Friday, November 20, 2009

Tsubo Asmik Review

Dear Tsubo,

First of all, thank you for sending me these Asmik Mary Janes in chocolate brown suede to review. You are too good to me! I fell in love with these the moment they appeared on your site, since I could tell right away that they had that same quirky asymmetric strap detail as my beloved Acreas. And the covered wedge? Deeeelightful.

I am pleased to find that they have the same basic footbed as the Acreas making them - unsurprisingly - a true joy to wear. The strap has just enough give, but remains firmly in place. The wedge provides a hint of leg elongation, but is not so severe as to make walking a challenge. And the squishy, soft footbed is a triumph of footwear design, as I've mentioned to you before.

As I'm sure you can see, these Asmiks have made me very happy. My one complaint, though, dear Tsubo? The suede. Yes, I know, suede is big this year. And the style does look fabulous with a more textured finish. But for lifelong lazybones such as myself who are too slothful to deal with waterproofing treatments and, therefore, go to comical lengths to protect their suede shoes? The high maintenance material is a definite deterrent.

HOWEVER! I sincerely hope you will consider continuing this line after this season ... just whip up some Asmiks in red leather and I'm all over 'em.



La Historiadora de Moda said...

They look really comfy and they are cute! I understand your reservations about suede. I have a couple pairs of suede shoes, but I don't wear them very often because I want it to be bone dry outside so they won't get ruined.

Allison said...

Totally LOVE them!

I bought a pair of brown leather Acreas because of YOU sweet Sal! And I LOVE those too! I thought that there was no way I could wear a heel that high for so long - it was enjoyable to be proved wrong. :)

K.Line said...

I do like them. But shoe suede in my climate is a non starter.

Ericka said...

I agree with you about the suede. I just cannot do it; I hate heading out in the morning worrying about my shoes getting through the elements. It means I have to take an alternate pair and plastic bags, it's a hassle.

A nice teal leather would be nice. Or brown with teal accents...

Mimi the kitten said...

Ah, cute, so impractical for the wash-and-wear among us. But, you wear them well, Sal! :-)

szilárd demeter said...

you are beautifull:D great smile