Thursday, December 17, 2009

Husband Mike's Tsubo Review:

My friends, I give you ... HM:

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Sally mentioned to her Tsubo friends that I was a bit jealous of the free shoes she gets from them; they immediately set me up, so I have a little review of the two shoes I received.

These are my new everyday shoes. My coworker - the one who complimented me on my Cydwoqs - she complimented me on these, too. Maybe I need to get her opinion before I buy my next pair of shoes.

The Tsubo Altanas are a combination of suede, regular leather, and canvas. Pretty clever mixing all those elements in the same shoe. They have a hiking shoe feel, which I like.

Around the time I received these shoes, I was dealing with an injury to my heel. Some sort of spur crap that required me to wear comfortable shoes until I got better. The Altanas are what I wore. When I switch to some of my other pairs - also considered comfortable, since why would I wear shoes that weren't comfortable - my heel would hurt. I'm not saying that these shoes are medicinal, but they worked out great for me and I am very thankful to have them.

The second pair I received was the Tsubo Pelagons. These are cool looking shoes. I know these are good looking shoes because I have good taste in shoes, and also because a stranger in line at a store asked me what kind they were. As a guy, I know that if more than one woman compliments me on my shoes that I've got good shoes. That's kinda my goal. That and being comfortable.

These shoes also mix suede and shiny leather, and have a cool red dot on the back of the heel. They are a sleek, low-profile shoe that can by worn fashionably with your dark-wash/going-out jeans. But compared with the Altanas, they are nowhere near as comfortable. At least not for a guy with a heel injury. There is not a lot of support in this shoe and I could feel part of the structure of the shoe beneath the insole. This was only an issue on my foot with the injury, so I must assume that the problem lies with me.

Beautiful shoes, though. I look forward to wearing them more. Later. Thank you Tsubo!


Kelly said...

Oooo I like #2!

Michael McGraw Photography said...

Countying Kelly, that's three ladyfolk digging these shoes!

Audi said...

I like both pairs; both look casual but interesting too. And, AWESOME review, HM. If I'm ever a guy with a heel injury, I know who to consult!

Tina Z. said...

My husband knew about Tsubos before I did. He loves his and needs to replace them soon after many years and lots of wear.

Courtney said...

Great review! Is there any chance of getting HM to review manfashion on a regular basis?

Sal said...

Courtney: There are a few posts he's done under "Manfashion Interlude" right here:

But I'll try to get him writing a bit more!

Sonja said...

Nice shoes! Maybe my husband should start sporting a pair. Thanks for the great review!