Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sponsored Review: LuShae Jewelry

The good folks at LuShae asked me to review a sample of their jewelry, and I was delighted to oblige. I chose the Sterling Silver Round Cut Stud Earrings pictured above, since my main pair of CZ studs are in a martini setting and I wanted to compare.

Many of the product samples I've received for review have come to me a bit overbranded ... but, if anything, my LuShae studs were UNDERbranded.

That said, the packaging was sturdy and high quality, and the presentation was lovely. The studs themselves are terrific. At around 3 ct, they're sizable without looking overly bling-y. The CZ is nicely cut and sparkles beautifully in the light.

And although I generally prefer my martini studs for comfort - since the gem sits closer to the ear - this basket setting allows for more light to play off the CZ. They sit further off the earlobe, but friends, they are SPARKLY. I've already worn them three or four times, and I'm sure they'll get frequent wear since they're such a classic style.

Thanks to LuShae for this opportunity!


pixelhazard said...

Oh hey they are quite pretty

Margherita&Eleonora said...

lovely. simple and elegant!!! we approve it! ^_^


Anonymous said...

hi! i was asked by someone from Lushae Jewelry to write a review too and i was just wondering how the you went about with the ordering?

did you provide your credit card information in the order form to complete check out?

nice earrings, btw!