Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tsubo Ina Review

The good folks at Tsubo were kind enough to send me a pair of these DARLING Ina sandals to review. I love the shape but I'll admit that, at first, I was felt serious trepidation about that print. I'm not much for printed shoes, and wasn't sure what to do with this brown, black, and gray streaky business.

But while these shoes are a little odd looking in photos, they're fantastically cute on an actual foot. Behold:

They've got the same cushiony, comfy footbed as my beloved Acreas, but will give my tootsies some breathing room come true summer. These are my first Tsubo sandals, and I'm excited to see how they fare as the warm weather wears on.

What do you guys think of these shoes? Do you like the design but not the print? They've got 'em in solid black, too, if you like something more classic ... or a crazy ORANGE stripe if you want something wilder!


Ecc3ntricCynic said...

I LOVE those, i want them in orange! I love a crazy shoe and those just scream insanely awesome. I wish Tsubos were more in my price range. Someday!

Maybe I'll find some women's tsubos like I found my husbands.

shivaya1972 said...

oh, they're fabulous!

The print is great--not too "loud" or anything--and black and white is so on trend right now anyway.

I would go for the b and w print over any other color b/c its soooo versatile. lucky girl! :))

shivaya1972 said...

double ack!! i just realized they are TSUBO (japanese brand?) brand--so even more fantastic!!!!

Isn't the construction amazing? I have a pair (different style) that I bought only because I had a gift certificate. They are SPENDY but sooo comfy (I could literally run in mine!) and stylish, always ahead of the trends.


Lisa said...

Love 'em! All you need are some lovely red toenails!

Danielle said...

Those are great and I would be all over the crazy orange stripe if I didn't already have a pair of Fluevog orange sandals.

Anonymous said...

Love them!

Passion4Fashion said...

Normally I would fall to the black but something about that print isn't making me hate it.
Cute sandals.

I need some non flipflop sandals.

ranksubjugation said...

Huh. I dismissed them when I saw them on the Tsubo site, but they look great on an actual foot -- just like you said. I don't know why shoe companies don't post piccies of feet in their shoes... I've always complained that I don't get a good idea of the shoe without a body to go with it!

Audi said...

I love these, and I'm super happy to see Tsubo coming out with some adventurous colors and prints. I'm with ranksubjugation in that I want to see pictures of feet in the shoes. With sandals I often have issues with where the straps hit me (across the nail bed is so painful!) -- these look like they're well out of the danger zone, although without seeing them on your feet I'd never have known that. So thanks for the review!

RoseAG said...

I love these.

I have some printed Birks bought on a whim and they turned out to be real winners so I'm always on the lookout for multi-colored shoes.

Can't go wrong with brown/black/white either!

They'd be great for travel where you don't want to lug multiple pairs of shoes around but want things to look good with different outfits!