Thursday, May 20, 2010

Beautyfix Review

When the folks at BeautyFix approached me to do a review, I hesitated. I do lips daily, but seldom much else. Am I really the best tester for this service?

But I took a closer look at what they were offering and decided to give it a whirl. The premise is that you take a survey about your preferences, skin type, color likes and dislikes, and the site stores your data. You pay $50 per season and get to select from an array of new and newish products that align with your wants and needs. A solid concept, but sounds like it's mainly for makeup junkies.

Luckily, not the case. As you can see, I was able to nab a luscious sugar scrub, two products for treating acne-prone skin, and a marvelous curly hair concoction in addition to some gray eyeshadow and a coppery eyeliner.

My box of goodies also came with these two darling makeup bags, which will be put to good use.

It could have to do with being a reviewer and inputting a code to get my stuff for free, but it took a full month from order date to delivery to get this package. As someone who buys online regularly, I think that's bizarre and ridiculous. But, again, may have been because I was a freebie-getter and not a paying customer.

I'll be honest with ya: I cannot imagine laying out $50 per season for a service like this for myself. But I can totally see giving it as a gift. I mean, so long as I remember to order WAY AHEAD of time so the first batch will arrive on time.

If you're interested in this service for yourself or someone else, Beautyfix is offering Already Pretty readers a great deal on the first set of products: Enter code BFIX4 when you check out and you'll get $30 off the $49.95 fee. So you're paying $19.99 for that first round, and you'll get free shipping. Not a bad deal for all the luxe stuff you'll be getting!

Anybody out there interested? Or already subscribing to Beautyfix? Would you give this service as a gift, or does that shipping snafu put you off?


HelsBells said...

I LOVE beauty products so I just joined. I'm going to share all that stuff with my sister, so it'll be cheaper; $25 every season is a more reasonable amount to spend on beauty. Will keep you informed on how it goes. Thank you so much for the discount!

MitzyG said...

I might do this. When you say "per season" is that every three months? I will go look, but...
How long is the 19.99 offer good for?

Rosezilla said...

I tried them because of a review on Fashion Therapist. They sent my order to my billing address and I thought it was delayed (I didn't double check 0the address on the order confirmation). Then they sent another order automatically, full price, just 20 days later. Both orders were lost as I recently moved out of state and haven't gotten around to changing my address for that particular card (and it wasn't forwarded by the post office). They say you have to call to cancel, which I hate. They let me cancel via email since I raised such a ruckus, but I lost $70. (they later refunded $30, randomly, again, probably due to my ruckus raising abilities:)).

I hate places that sign you up for automatic debiting AND beautyfix doesn't say when they're sending orders until after they're sent. Also, it says they send a new order every season, which....uh....there are four seasons right? No one added a "Spinter" or "Wautumn"? In the fine print, BF says they send orders 8 times a year!

The customer service and shipping is completely wack, which is a shame, because I would totally use this service regularly if it weren't so annoying.....

Elle Jay Gee said...

So how do the products actually work??

carol said...

I love this blog and have to share my experience with BeautyFix. When you call the number, they usually don't answer. When you email them, the email doesn't get delivered. I got my bank involved and they said these types of sites usually keep sending orders based on customer's first order input - in other words they take your first order as approval for all future orders despite any attempts to cancel. Fortunately my bank got my refunds and blocked BeautyFix from placing new orders to my credit card. As for the products - some came with expired use-by dates, others were just not for me. The cases they send are cute and useful though!