Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lucy Workout Gear Review

So when I first decided to do my workout wardrobe makeover, I contacted Lucy to see if they’d be willing to send me a couple of items to review. Why? Because most of my fitness buff friends adored the shop’s gear. Also because their prices made me say, and I quote, “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA!!!!! $78 for a pair of workout pants that are just going to get sweaty and gross? Not a chance."

The Lucy folks obliged me, and I’ve had a chance to put my samples to the test.

I probably bought 7 fancy workout tops on my own – Adidas, Reebok, Nike, Champion, HH, you name it – and I can’t say that any one impresses me more than its friends. That includes this Quickest Short Sleeve technical top from Lucy. It’s cute and it keeps me relatively cool. It is also very, very long, and while that’s helpful for over-the-head weightlifting moves (which I definitely do), I’m not keen overall.

It’s also cut small. When it first arrived six weeks ago, it was too small for me to wear. Many, many bike rides later and I can just about squeeze into it. I take a size 8 dress/size 6 top and this is a medium.

So, ya know, fine if you get one as a gift, but not worth $48 in my experience. However, it does boast a little ruffle on the lower back. Which is, admittedly, quite cute.

I mentioned the pants in this post, but I’m going to have to gush about them a bit more here. They're called the Lucy Power Pant and they are amazing. Aaaaaahhhh-mazing. They are comfy, they are flattering, they are cool, they allow me to move. I want to build a small shrine to these pants.

I’m sure folks will have mixed feelings about this, but a feature that I really love about these guys is the embedded pair of compression shorts. (Translation: Built-in Spanx.) Are they necessary? No way. But if, like me, you prefer to jiggle as little as possible when you work out – belly, boob, and butt – it’s a fantastic design feature. Does it add a bit to the warmth factor? Perhaps. But not so much that wearing them in an air-conditioned gym would become uncomfortable.

As you can see, they are quite snug. I typically take a size 10 in jeans and slacks, and although the L was passable, I ended up trading in for an XL. I was also sent a regular length pair and needed to get the short length instead. I am 5’6”. So yeah, some of the typical sizing malarkey that makes us all gnash our teeth. But if you have a Lucy store locally, the employees are incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. So shop in person if at all possible.

Now, back to the issue of price. While I cannot fathom forking over full price for the top, you can bet your sweet bippy I’ll be buying another pair of these pants when this current pair dies. Why? It finally dawned on me that, as cost-per-use goes, my workout pants are second only to my handbag. This is a piece of clothing that will be worn hard and often, and will earn its keep in about two months. Well worth the investment, in my opinion.

At this point, Lucy doesn’t offer plus or petite sizes, but I’m hoping they will eventually. Short, regular, and tall lengths are available in most full-length technical pants. Most items are meant to fit snugly, so these clothes are for the unselfconscious exerciser who wishes, above all, for total comfort and ease of movement. If that’s you, definitely stop by your local Lucy store or cruise around the website.


pixelhazard said...

pretty exercise clothes entice me to work out + woah tone on those arms. I'm so garfield

Hello*Pretty said...

ooh!! great review!! and awesome that you scored some workout gear! i actually LOVE Lucy. The different pant lengths are pretty sweet.. and some of the items are true to fit, meaning they don't ever shrink when washed and dried. love that, love them!! xo- karrie

Anonymous said...

Lucy quality is very good, too, in my experience. I'm wearing a pair of the spa pants (LOVE these) that are four years old and have been worn twice a week. They're still true black, and only now do I need to replace them because they're starting to pill. These pants are a looser style, but I find them perfect for both cycling/treadmill & weights at the gym. You may want to check them out if you don't mind the looser style. Several of my friends have them and they look great on everyone.

The running tops of theirs I have have held up well, too. Although my cheapie T.J. Maxx top has held up just as well, it's just not as cute ;-).

Cynthia said...

I have two Lucy tops that worked out really well, and some pairs of their bamboo foldover capris. Other than that I've ordered some tops that I sent back because they were pretty weird in fit. I might have to try the power pants, although I don't work out in air conditioning a lot of the time so I might save that for fall.

The secret to ordering their stuff is, hunt for coupon codes. You don't have to hunt hard, I searched for "lucy coupon code" right now and came up with four different ones for 20% off. Everything I've bought from them has been bought at like 25-30% off, which is better than full price for sure.

Andrea said...

As it happens, I went into a Lucy store for the first time a few weeks ago, not for workout clothes, but for comfortable travel gear. I wanted some shorts that would be easy to pack, and but not bermudas (which look bad on me) or short-short-short shorts, which seem to be everywhere again this year. And they did have several styles that were exactly what I hoped for -- styled more like shorts (zip fly, pockets, etc.) than workout togs, but made of sporty materials that would dry quickly and pack well. As for sizing, I found that some stuff I tried on ran really large ... and I really don't like my clothes to fit tight. I guess sizing just varies a lot.

Kendra said...

Awesome! Thanks for this review!! I am always looking for cute yet function work out clothing, and I hadn't heard of this brand yet. I agree with the pricing and sizing malarky, so I am thankful for your review so I can shop with that in mind.

BTW, nice guns! :)

shizzknits said...

I have a couple of Lucy tops and they have held up extremely well. I practice hot yoga 3-4x a week, so the tops get sweated in, then washed in warm water + detergent + baking soda immediately afterwards to keep the smell down. After a year of rotations, both my Lucy tops still look brand new and are in great condition.

I'll have to go to the store and try a pair of the pants...My current love for long athletic pants is the Bettona pant from Athleta. Cute and super comfy, but also $$!

Healthy and Homemade said...

I definitely need new work out pants, maybe I'll give these a shot when I see a store!

WOW your arms, super jealous lady you're looking gorgeous & fit!

Cassandra said...

Just a quick tidbit, in case you didn't know...
Rosedale Mall in Roseville, MN (I don't know how close you are to there, but it's very easy to get to from the Cities) has a Lucy store and they often have great sales/clearance. It's definitely worth checking out.

Meg said...

I wore Lucy Power pants & Hillside pants trekking all over Turkey & the Balkans for two months, and they looked & felt just as good at the end of the trip as at the beginning. Well worth the price (especially since I got them on super sale!). It's their customer service that really won me over though - when I wanted a color/size combo that was out of stock online, one of their reps called stores all over the country to find them for me & had them shipped straight away. I have been recommending them whole-heartedly ever since!

Kari said...

I made the same decision, Sally, and have to say that the pants have held up *very* well. They are my go-to workout pants when it's not hot outside (which, for me, is most of the year.)
Lucy's workout/biking shorts are also great and worh the cost, in my opinion.

Amy said...

It's great to see your review of Lucy! I love their clothes. I always had a problem finding workout pants that were long enough and was thrilled when I discovered Lucy. I've bought the yoga pants and this year I bought the Spa pant and I will say that they are far and away my most favorite thing to put on. Expensive, yes but oh so worth it for something that fits just right.

Anonymous said...

Two other athletic clothing companies that make beautiful clothing for active women;
Lulelemon and Lole.
Amazing, pricey BUT for the quality well worth it.

Farmer Jo said...

I am a huge fan of Lucy (GO Portland!), and can vouch that they last and last. I have 3 pairs of their pants, which I bought 5 years ago on sale and they still look good as new. (I wear them each at least once a week to work out!)

I grody up shirts faster, but they are cute and wick great. They have great sales too!