Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Shades Daddy Review

I recently scratched my beloved crown-motif sunglasses, so when Shades Daddy asked if I'd like to review a pair from their site, I jumped at the chance. For years I bought Target sunnies, and I still have several pairs in rotation ... but I've found that having just one pair of quality, glamorous sunglasses goes a long way toward making me feel chic and cool.

I opted for this D&G pair, which looked like a great classic shape. I'll admit that I was surprised by how BIG they appeared on my visage, but that's my own fault ... there's a lens size listing right on the product page!

And, luckily, they've grown on me. And fast. I feel like a superspy-Jackie-O hybrid in these oversized shades, and I'm totally loving them.

Along with D&G, Shades Daddy has a long list of desirable designers, including several I didn't know MADE sunglasses like Bottega Veneta and DSquared as well as favorites like Tom Ford, YSL, Ray-Ban, and Kate Spade. And load of pairs are on sale now for as much as half off, since summer is wrapping up ... so if you're in the market for a new pair of fancy shades, do pop over and check their selection.


Miss Addict said...

A note on sunglass sizes. The size listed will be the lens size excluding the frame! so as with the pair your wearing Sal if it has a heavy side even it the measurements SAY they match the a pair you own they may end up looking bigger.

Also if the bridge size is bigger (Thats the second part of the measurement Say 62-15) then the sunglass will be again bigger.

Holly said...

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Anonymous said...

Just a note: The Tom Ford glasses shown on the web site is discontinued product. Not that there is anything wrong with the glasses, I just think everyone should know that this is not current product.

AbraCat said...

I have to say, those look fabulous on you. I have a similar pair (prescription, though), and I always feel very glamorous when I wear them.

Miguel Angel said...

you look pretty nice