Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Talbots Denim Review

You might be looking at this photo and thinking, "Boooooooring. Girl in jeans and tee shirt. What's so special about THAT?"

Well, I'll tell you.

I'm a longtime hater of pants, and that includes jeans. I own several pairs because I do get a yen every six or seven months, but that's about it. Why do I hate on jeans? Because I don't find them to be comfortable, don't like how they play off my proportions, and justfeel more l ike myself in a skirt.

So when Talbots approached me to review their new denim line, I hesitated. Was I really a good fit for this promotion? Me, a bona-fide jeans-hater? But my contact absolutely RAVED about the variety of fits and washes, and urged me to give it a go. So I did.

Very wisely, I was instructed to visit an actual Talbots store to select my fit and rinse. I tried on about seven pairs of jeans in various sizes, styles, and colors before selecting the pair you see here, which are the Heritage Fit, Straight Leg, Night Rinse jeans. And kittens, the moment I pulled them on, I felt a shift in my prejudices. These jeans fit my body, looked good, and FELT good. It's been at least five years since that has happened.

I resisted skinny and slim-leg jeans for ages, sticking to bootcuts and flares. But I thrifted a pair of J.Crew straight legs several years ago, surprised and pleased by how cute they looked on my bod. Yet they are SUPER low-rise and basically create a display shelf for my tum ... so I only wore them with loose, billowy, tunic-style tops. Then I purchased a great pair of dark gray straight legs from Urban Outfitters a year or so ago and again, they look fab in the leg, but the low rise creates a tum-shelf. Uncomfortable and limiting.

THESE jeans, on the other hand, have a higher rise that works with my natural curves and contours. The style description says they sit "at the waist," but that's a bit of an exaggeration - my natural waist is far, far higher. But these jeans sit high enough on my body that I can pair them with a normal-length tee and look ... well, good, if I do say so myself.

My one complaint? As is the case with so many mall store pants, they come in one length, and that length is far too long for anything but tall heels. And yes, better too long than too short! I can have 'em hemmed ... but if Talbots wants to offer the full denim experience, a variety of hem lengths is well advised.

Talbots was running a $5 off promotion on jeans and pants for several weeks  - but I'm afraid my crappy timing means we've missed that boat. Sorry about that. I am trying to make sure that all reviews include a giveaway or discount component, and did try to get a code for you folks ... but I'm plowing ahead with this as a plain old review because I was truly, truly impressed by my experience and by the jeans I now have in my possession. So much so that I'm probably going to pony up for a second pair myself.

Hit the right Talbots and you'll have access to plus sizes and petite sizes, too ... with additional petite-plus sizing online. And if you STILL can't find a denim style that suits you, I'd recommend contacting Talbots. They're really excited about this new line, and seem open to consumer feedback.


Lisa R. said...

I have the toughest time with pants-fitting (well, doesn't everyone) and Talbots' pants have always seemed to work more often than other lines. Glad you have a new option in pants, especially with winter approaching!

Poppy Buxom said...

Great review, Sal! I'm intrigued. But one thing I dread is the horrible baggy elephant's butt I get after wearing a pair of jeans for five or six hours (Christopher Blue? I'm talking to you.)

I have great luck with Not Your Daughter's Jeans. How are the Talbot's jeans with regard to bagginess?

daisy said...

The jeans look great, Sal! I'm so glad they are comfortable too. Your other post today on wearing tight clothes had me worried you were stuffing yourself uncomfortably.

Anyway, I wandered over to Talbot's online and found some cute things. But then I saw a jacket I was looking at was featured under the theme "Mom on the Go," which is definitely not how I want to define my style! And it does remind me that I think of Talbot's as being my mom's store, not mine.

So, if the Talbot's folks are reading, and they are looking to attract we Gen Xers, maybe they'll get this message that some of us don't exactly want to think of ourselves as moms when we are attempting to shop for something vaguely chic.

Peter said...

Sal, you look wonderful in jeans. More pants please -- esp. paired with heels/boots.

And if you had a sewing machine you could hem those pants in ten minutes. No pressure... ;)

Elisabeth @ said...

As always, you look incredible. You have a great figure, and I am amazed by how different your silhouette looks in jeans as opposed to your normal skirts/dresses.

Although I love skirts and such, I am almost solely a jeans wearer these days because my workplace is very casual. However, we are built very similar, and I also have a difficult time solving the high waist/less than a 32" inseam dilemma. Jeans are always a challenge.

I'll have to check out Talbotts...I honestly thought that was where my Mom should be shopping. =)

PrincessMia said...

Yay, Sal found jeans!! Fit is everything, if they fit right you feel a million bucks :)

Definitely too long than too short :P My legs are looooong in proportion to my body, so I can only wear mine (even the "talls") with kitten heels! Very sad.

LaShaune said...

I'm a big Talbots fan and find that their slacks/jeans are a wonderful fit for curves, larger thighs, etc. I'm glad you found a pair that you/fit is great.

Also, if you're close to a Tablots Outlet, they recently had their regular jeans on sale for under $20!!!

Claire said...

Sal, it seems to me these great jeans would be a fabulous way to showcase your previous post's patterned pumps (hello, alliteration)! The Faryl Robin Suzu silk kimono-print pair and others like it would look so sassy peeking out from under there!

Also, as to length issues: exposing the cuffs in all different ways has become such a fun option these past few years - maybe you could experiment with that before altering. Maybe hem one pair and leave the other to play with. Was it you who posted a link to a cuffing tutorial in one of your "lovely link" features, or did I see it somewhere else? Gotta try to find that again, it was a great list of examples.

Kat said...
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Kat said...

I love the Talbots Heritage fit pants. Great for us curvier girls, and the petites come in a 30" inseam.

They fit right off the rack. That never happens for me.

Red said...

I started shopping at Talbot's regularly a few years ago when I wandered into one by my office. I always thought of it as a matronly store, but that has really changed in the past few years. Of course, my personal style has always been more "classic" - pencil skirts, sheath dresses, cardigans - and they fit that bill, but they also have excellent sales and a LARGE petite selection (which is important when, like me, you're barely 5'1). Plus, the SAs were always lovely and helpful.

All that said, I've never had luck with Talbot's pants. I have extremely short rise; low rise pants often sit right - or mere centimeters below - my belly button (which is well below my natural waist). Every pair of Talbot's pants I have ever tried sits nearer to my natural waist which, on my body, makes me look like I'm wearing my pants Urkle-style. I love the jeans you have on - they look great on you! - but unless Talbot's dramatically changes their fit, I'll be sticking with my DKNY petites Ludow, which I recommend to anyone who has a diminutive rise like me. :)

cwhf said...

I do love the generous rise on their jeans but sadly, they fit nicely in the leg and butt but are way too big in the waist on me (I tried on all the styles as well). We "coke bottle girls" (husband's phrase, I roll my eyes, but it's accurate) will need to look on or have them tailored.

Talbots does have some mighty cute stuff lately---loving the coats and dresses.

Eileen said...

I have always been a denim gal, but since subscribing to your blog I have totally switched over to skirts and dresses! Still, a good-fitting pair of jeans always feel like "home" to me.

Btw, I just love it when you call us "kittens..."

Sonja said...

Oooooh, don't those look fabulous on you! Love the fit! I wear jeans alll the time. I think I need to pop into a Talbots and give those a try. Thanks for the great review!

daisy said...

Okay, I got over my concerns after spying this jacket online:

I tried it on in the store and bought one. It's very cute.

ct said...

I HATE jeans, they are uncomfortable. I have a flat behind and jeans always sag after a few hours of sitting.
When I MUST wear jeans, I can't wait to take them off.
However, I purchased the Signature Bootcut at Talbots Tuesday for a trip. I wore them on the plane and no sagging.
They are so comfortable that I've put them on every evening when I get in from the conference I'm attending.
I'm definitely buying more.
I'm afraid of the ankle and straight leg because I'm so top heavy, but I'm goign to try them on just to see. Meanwhile, I'm waiting for some dividends to buy another pair of the Signature bootcut!