Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tsubo Fall Line Roundup and Giveaway!

Now you all know I adore Tsubos. Anyone who's been reading the blog for more than ten seconds knows THAT. But when I got my hot little hands on a copy of their fall lookbook, I'm telling you, friends, I nearly expired from shoe-lust. The company has really stepped up their game for this collection, and I was extremely lucky to receive several pairs to review.*

These spectacular boots are the Hepats, far and away the most daring style Tsubo has ever created. They are supple, soft, over-the-knee boots with extensive lacing and they are beyond badass. Obviously.

They're also, as you might expect, ridiculously comfortable. They've got a slight wedge heel, but have the loveliest sculpted footbed that feels like a delightful little pillow for your arch. As funky and daring as these boots look, they FEEL like the footwear equivalent of pajamas. I kid you not.

These fine fellows are the Olapa boots. The gray areas are leather, and the blue is a stretchy textile of some sort. Although getting them on is no mean feat, and although they're quite fitted through the calf, these spaceman-esque boots are just as dreamy to wear as their Hepat bretheren.

The Olapa has the exact same wedge and footbed design as the Hepat - and, incidentally, as the darling Mary Jane-style Asmik - and the combination of impeccably designed lower and stretchy, forgiving upper makes this another winner of a style.

And even if both pairs of boots are a little out-there for your taste, I'm betting these Dufay pumps will send ya. I will remain forever faithful to my Acreas, but these Dufays are now running a close second.

Last year, Tsubo came out with a similarly styled pump - the lovely Amset - which I have in red suede and simply adore. But suede can be tricky, and these Dufays have very similar styling, a slightly lower heel, a blunter toe, and are available in this gorgeous cognac and a rich red leather. Win, win, win.

A couple of other things about the fall offerings that are making me giddy with glee:

But enough of the reviewing. Let's talk giveaway, shall we? Tsubo is letting me hand out not one, but TWO pairs of those truly terrific Dufay pumps to two lucky Already Pretty readers! Here's how you enter to win:
  1. Visit the Tsubo website.

  2. Leave a comment on this post telling which color Dufay you'd love to win, and A VALID E-MAIL. Comments without a valid e-mail in the comment will be disqualified.

  3. Cross your fingers!

Enter by midnight CST on Sunday, October 31. I'll draw winners at random the following week. This contest is open to all readers, including international. Good luck, everyone!


Monday, October 25, 2010

AudraJean Harness Winner

And the lucky winner of the Selena harness is ...

Beck At Her Best! Congrats, my dear, I'll be in touch.

More amazing giveaways soon!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

AudraJean Harness Review, Coupon, and Giveaway

When Audi and Mark visited us over the summer, Mark gave me a brown leather harness from their shared Etsy shop. I had my doubts about the accessory, but soon found great ways to wear it that suited my style. In fact, I ended up loving it so much that I purchased a second, black harness from Mark. Let me tell you why:

This green vintage dress is a favorite of mine. But, as you can see it's a bit big in the bodice and waist.

Belting it certainly helps cinch the waist, but the bodice remains loose and poochy.

Mark's harness is the only accessory I own that can simultaneously cinch my waist AND give definition just above the waist. It can make just about any loose, boxy garment appear instantly fitted. And for that, I adore it.

This black harness with silver hardware is the Selena model, and guess what? Mark is letting me give one away! Here's how you enter to win:
  1. Visit Audra Jean's Etsy shop.

  2. Leave a comment on this post telling how you'd wear your black Selena harness, and A VALID E-MAIL. Comments without a valid e-mail in the comment will be disqualified.

  3. Cross your fingers!

Enter by midnight CST on Sunday, October 24. I'll draw a winner at random the following week. This contest is open to all readers, including international. Good luck, everyone!

Also! Mark gave me a coupon code for everyone to use: If you decide to buy from the , send him code "Already Pretty" in the notes section for 15% off any of the underbust harnesses under $100. Awesomeness!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Miz Mooz Winner

And the lucky winner is ...

... LK! Woo hoo! Congrats, my dear. I'll be in touch.

Thanks to everyone who played along. I'll have another fab contest for yas tomorrow!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Miz Mooz Review and Giveaway

When the good folks at Miz Mooz contacted me to see if I'd like to do a review and giveaway, I jumped at the chance. I'd long admired the brand's style aesthetic, but never bought a pair for myself, so I was eager to check them out. I was sent this pair of Gayle boots to review and keep.*

As you can see, they're foldover style boots. The shaft hangs well below the sole, creating a silhouette similar to a pantleg. However ...

The versatile Gayles can be converted to tall boots with a quick unzip and re-zip. How fun is THAT?

The quality of these boots cannot be overstated. They are incredibly comfortable, the leather is sinfully soft, and the design is unique and fun. However, I am pretty sure that this style is designed for someone with legs longer than mine. When folded over, I need to squish the shaft down a bit or it hits my calf at its widest point, creating a strange silhouette indeed. When worn tall, the shaft actually hits just a wee bit above the knee ... not high enough for a true OTK look, but not low enough to sit quietly. Again, squishing the shaft down a bit for a scrunch look helps, but I imagined being able to wear these un-scrunched. All that said, I'm still delighted to have added them to my collection.

Perhaps YOU'D like to add a pair of Miz Mooz shoes to YOUR collection? Well, you're in luck! I'm giving away a pair to one lucky reader. Here's how you enter to win:

  1. Be a U.S. resident.
  2. Visit miz-mooz.com and click on "SHOP OUR LOOKBOOK" at bottom left.

  3. Select your favorite style from the Fall '10 offerings

  4. Leave a comment on this post telling us which style you love best, and A VALID E-MAIL. Comments without a valid e-mail in the comment will be disqualified.

  5. Cross your fingers!

This contest is open to U.S. residents only. Enter by midnight CST on Sunday, October 17. I'll draw a winner at random the following week. Good luck, everyone!


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Coupon Code for AbraCat Creations

Lovely Kristi from AbraCat Creations wants YOU to get something from her store for 15% off! How fab is THAT, I ask you? Just look at the lovely wares you can get at a discount:

 Choker, $37 ... $31.45 with discount!

 Earrings, $19 ...$16.15 with discount!

Necklace, $31 ... $26.35 with discount!

Here's whatcha do to get the 15% off your purchase:

  1. Enter PRETTY15 when you check out via Etsy
  2. Await a revised invoice before paying.
  3. Kristi will contact you with your new price!

This code can be used for sale items, too, and will apply to your total order. Hot cha, you'd better get shopping! Code valid through October 31.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Reality in Style Review and Coupon Code

Ever feel powerless as a consumer? Like nobody listens to your requests or cares about your needs? I can completely relate, and there's hardly a thing in the world more frustrating. BUT! I have today an example of a company that not only listens to its customers, but listens to its potential customers: You wonderful folks.

Several months ago, I got in touch with the amazing gals at Reality in Style. I'd already worked with them on a review - this fab lavender dress that gets loads of wear - and just love them on principle. Their company exists to create comfortable, elegant clothing that flatters a wide variety of figure shapes. Awesome, no? ANYWAY, Reality in Style was looking to design a cashmere cardigan, and asked Already Pretty readers for their input on a number of fitting issues. Your fabulous responses were put into a spreadsheet, studied and analyzed, incorporated into the design process and voila! The Andrew cardigan was born!

That's right, my friends, YOU designed this cardigan. It was your input that gave it a v-neck, buttons, and a hip-length finish. Your responses that made this garment possible. How exciting is that! And believe me when I say it is made from the loveliest, softest, most gorgeous cashmere. I plan to live in mine all winter long!

But enough gloating! You're probably wondering about the "coupon code" portion of this post so you can nab a cardigan for yourself, right? Well here's the scoop.

If you order anything from the Reality in Style site - including, but not limited to the lovely Andrew cardigan - you'll get 40% off your purchase! Use code PRETTYREALITY now through October 31 to get this amazing discount. Woo hoo!

I hope you'll consider supporting Reality in Style in this amazing, consumer-driven endeavor. Customer service like this doesn't come along often, and I applaud this company for truly listening to what women want!

Disclosure: CMP.ly/2