Monday, November 29, 2010

365 Hangers Giveaway

I completely love the concept behind 365Hangers. This Los Angeles-based company provides discount sample sales, and also gives shoppers a visual of how potential purchases will look on their own bodies by using models of different body types and sizes. YES!

Cruise around the site and you'll find frocks from Marc by Marc Jacobs, skirts by DKNY,and tops by Diane Von Furstenberg. Sizing goes from 0 to 16, and it is so refreshing to see the clothes on women of many shapes and sizes.

I'm thrilled to have TWO $25 gift cards to 365Hangers for two lucky Already Pretty readers! Here's how you enter to win:
  1. Be a U.S. resident.
  2. Visit the 365Hangers website.

  3. Leave a comment on this post telling which item from the site you'd love tobuy , and A VALID E-MAIL. Comments without a valid e-mail in the comment will be disqualified.

  4. Either like 365Hangers on Facebook, follow 365Hangers on Twitter, or sign up for their e-newsletter (sign up in top right corner of site). You must do one of these things to qualify for participation.

  5. Cross your fingers!

Enter by midnight CST on Sunday, December 5, 2010. I'll draw a winner at random the following week. This contest is open to U.S. residents only. Good luck, everyone!


Kelly said...

I would get this striped shirt: because I have really been wanting one, but haven't found one yet that I love. This one seems to be exactly what I'd want. I signed up for their email with miltonia17 at, which you can use to contact me too, if I win.

Jennifer Nicole said...

Fun! I've Liked them on Facebook, and as for the item I'd buy...

This dress by ABS:

Or this one by IISLI: (Yeah, probably this one. OMG LOVE.)

Email: :)

Ann V said...

I LOVE how they use different sized models! I followed them on Twitter.

I'd get this dress:

more0122 (at) umn (dot) edu

Turophile said...

There are at least three dresses (lots of beautiful blue ones!) I want plus a DKNY cardigan.

eawefel (at) gmail (dot) com
Liked 'm on FB

Lab geek said...

Totally love this dress:
I added them to my facebook list.


Ginny said...

I like them on facebook.

I love this dress ~

Ashley said...

I signed up for their email newsletter with ashiko at

I would love to get this dress.

Toasty said...

mmm... I'd love this sweet purple Alice + Olivia dress---


Anonymous said...

I'm not usually a shirt-dress person, but I really like this Nautica one:

I signed up for their e-newsletter.


Thanks Sal!

b. said...


Designer clothes for my size 14 apple-shaped self?! On SALE?! Holy toledo, batman!

Thank you, Sal!!

Keely said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Keely said...

I like the Dress by Bailey 44 seen here:

I like 365 hangers on Facebook.

Terése said...

I love, love , love this site. I would be thrilled to win this contest. The dress Michael by Michael Kors ( is everything i need for the holidays. Simple, chic, and easy. Hope i win!


Tanvi said...

I'd get this:

I signed up for their newsletter.

tanvilu {at} gmail {dot} com

Miss Outlier said...

I adore this dress!
Follwing on Twitter. :)

Email:melinrh21 at gmail dot com

Willowie said...

I would get this skirt by Michael Kors. Love it!!!!!
The shape is perfect and the print is spicy. I signed up for the email as well!

Sara Judy said...

Either this dress:

Which would be well beyond my price range even with the gift certificate, but is too pretty to not mention, or this very sweet one:

I signed up for their email. My address is sara.marie.judy [at]

(or, maybe I would do some Christmas shopping and get my Mom this dress:

paisleyapron said...

It is wonderful to see many sized women as models. I would pick out the silk paisley dress by Ralph Lauren. Gorgeous!

saraspnda at yahoo dot com

yuletidekoala said...

This dress.

I signed up for the mailing list!

Katie said...

Why hello, Charcoal Pleated Dress by Calvin Klein! Aren't you loverly?

I'm a-following on twitter.

Leone at said...

I'm digging the DKNY dress with the purple print "skirt". Awesome for us curvies!

Leone at said...

Oops, forgot to add I signed up for their email.

Anonymous said...

I would get the multicolored LBD by Aqua :)
missmouse0830 at aol dot com

Queue said...

I love this little number here:

I adore the flower print on the top and think it would be great underneath a cardigan or blazer for work and by itself for a night out!

Quynh - quynhiffer @ gmail dot com

Rose said...

I would get the size 12 purpley dress by french connection and about a billion other things....this site is AWESOME!

balticprincess @

Anonymous said...

I would get this:

My email is: chen18400[at]hotmail[dot]com

I signed up for their email newsletter!

Allyson Robinson said...

Soooo happy to be introduced to 365 Hangers - thanks Sal! I followed them on Twitter @allysonrobinson.

I love this gorgeous metallic gold knit IISLI dress:

I want it BAD so I'm praying to the randomness gods... allysondrobinson *at* gmail *dot* com

Cynthia said...

Following on Facebook.

Which item? Wow...just one? The black lace dress from Anne Klein is gorgeous, but it's hard to pick just one :-)

gypsumoon at embarqmail dot com

Stephanie said...

I want it all. But if I had a gift card probably an LAMB skirt. I signed up for their newsletter and my email is

sewsincere said...

Love the dress by Three Dots. I can see lots of potential and versatility there. Please enter me in the drawing!

christine said...

I love this outfit:

christinemboyer (a)

EvaNadine said...

i am always on the lookout for a great dress, and being plus-sized, its next to impossible to find anything designer that fits!

i have "liked" 365 hangers on FB, and if i win, its a toss-up between the Rachel Pally dress shown here ( and the Three Dots dress shown here (


Lar said...

I would LOVE this dress:

It would be the perfect work-to holiday-party dress for me!


PS - definitely liked them on FB- what a great site. :)

nestra said...

The black tunic/dress by Elie Tahari. It is listed as a dress but I would rock that bad boy with my kick a$$ black boots and some leggings

nestrakniter at yahoo dot com

Jules said...

This DVF dress:

I subscribed to their newsletter.

juliabedulia at gmail dot com

Phoebe said...

Liked them on Facebook! I would get the electric blue chiffon silk dress by Aidan Maddox.

Anonymous said...

I love how this site shows the clothes on the different sized models. I'd pick this blouse:

I signed up for their newsletter.

Jessica said...

What an amazing website! I now follow 365 Hangers on Twitter.

I really love this dress by JWLA. It's boho but still fitted and chic, and I LOVE the shape of the sleeves!

PrincessMia said...

Love this dress:

roueche dot

Future Lint said...

I would get this emerald green DKNY blouse because I love this color and it's hard to find:

I "liked" them on Facebook.

Rochelle said...

This dress would be my go-to for any holiday events


I liked their facebook page!

Aynna banahna said...

I love dresses and skirts! I love the black INC skirt

I signed up for the newsletter and liked them on Facebook.

Tiffany said...

I love the Calvin Klein dress in light blue...I might buy that anyways, hehehe.

Definitely a new email subscriber, thanks for the tip Sal!

tlufkin (at)

Katie said...

I love the black and brown DKNY size 14 dress. So nice for holiday parties!

Thanks for the website. I'd never been there before and I signed up for the newsletter.

e-mail: katie.bahr at

*crossing my fingers!!*

Abby said...

What a great idea! I love this red dress

I signed up for the email list

abbywalters (at) gmail (dot) com

Chris said...

Love this camel Anne Klein sweater: Signed up for newsletter.

Anonymous said...

I am in love with this green brocade dress from Maggy London:

Thanks so much for hosting this! I signed up for the e-mail newsletter--emshark53 (at) hotmail (dot) com

Kelly said...

This has my name on it:

kellyqhughes at gmail dot com

Hannah said...

Wow, what a fun site! I joined the mailing list. My email is h6davis at gmail dot com.

I'd love to get this dress:
Gorgeous :)
Thanks for doing this contest!

Shaya said...

I liked them on Facebook

I'd get this skirt, perfect for work and fun

email - shayalikespink at gmail dot com

Courtney said...

You are a marvelous woman.

I LOVE this dress:

I've followed 365hangers on Twitter... this may be dangerous.


Danielle A said...

I love this kelly green silk dress -

Beautiful! I signed up for the newsletter. My email is

whyeatcrayons03 at yahoo dot com

Jackie said...


I would get this dress:

I am now following them on Twitter.

My e-mail is: jackiewyse [at] gmail {dot] com

SaraLynn said...

Wonderful site! I've liked them on facebook.

I would love this piece: It's the perfect black party dress!

And... these gorgeous black pants:

Gabi said...

OH MY GOD. How did I not know 365hangers existed?! I must be terrible at the internet.

I liked them on Facebook, but I am in looove with this Diane von Furstenberg suit:

I die.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this! What a great site, I "liked" them on facebook.

I think this dress would be super flattering on me:

Thanks! wendyaar(at)umich(dot)edu

Aibrean said...

I would get this dress:

My problem is, although they allow you to choose your clothing by size category, they don't define the measurements for each size. How do I know what I am unless I go to each designer's individual site? Especially because sales are final.

I could fit in that dress, or it may actually be at least two sizes too small. I guess that is what their customer service is for.

I'm following 365 Hangers on Twitter and Facebook.

aibreanros at gmail dot com

Patricia said...

I would love to buy the gorgeous blue silk tafetta dress by Ralph Lauren.

Where I would wear it, I don't know.

Oh and just from your link, I bought a shirt already!

Chelsea said...

OMG Sal! I absolutely had to enter after seeing the gorgeous model in the pic who looks like a real (and beautiful!) person! Holy shit this is the coolest site I've ever seen. For real... not just speaking from the caffeine high I'm on...

This yellow dress is adorable. I guess I"m dreaming of warm weather already...

Also I liked 365 Hangers on FB...

email: brightsidedweller AT gmail DOT com

Marie A said...

I'd get this "dress" ( and wear it as a tunic with an awesome ruffled black jacket I have... Nice to see a site with different shaped models.

JR said...

O.K., now I'm hooked on another website! I signed up for their emails with my address (

I'm eying the pink sparkly DKNY top, because I don't usually wear girly things and it would be fun.

There are a lot of other things I like, and I'm sure the selection will change daily.

Jaimee said...

I'm a US resident!

I love the green and white dress by 3 Dots ( awesome!).

I liked 365Hangers on Facebook.

The differently sized models is great.

My email is jasbellissimo (at) gmail dot com! Thanks!

Kellie said...

I'm loving this top:

hixokm3 at

Anne (in Reno) said...

I like them on FB, and I would love one of the Three Dots dresses, I particularly like this one:

Sam from Hundy and Undy said...

I am all up ons this dress!

(liked on facebook!)

What a great site. I love how they style for different body types AND use a model to match. Love it.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a neat site! I've followed them on twitter (I'm @MarylandMel).

I really like this dress:

My email is

hannah said...

OMG. How have I missed out on this phenomenon? I am in love!

I would so totally buy this skirt suit ( ). I've put that one on my gift list. Those two pieces are killer - LOVE the shaping, the femininity, and the office appropriateness. they'd both be great adds to my wardrobe.

Looking forward to getting their newsletters now, too :) Thank you so much for sharing this gem!


EM said...

I'm following on twitter - I love this black Marc Jacobs dress:

el001f at hotmail dot com

shannon p. said...

I would loooove this dress (it would give me something pretty but not too frilly to wear to work!):

I liked 365 hangers on facebook.

velorutionista [at] gmail [dot] com

lola5375 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
lola5375 said...

Forgot to include my email address the first time :(

Also, following on Facebook

I would choose this tangerine v-neck dress by Diane Von Furstenberg:

Holley said...

What a great site! I'm loving this Betsey Johnson jacket:

I signed up for their email with zelavie at

LaurenRonda said...

oh my! this green dress would look great with some on my bown boots and crazy tights! <3

i liked it on facebook and my email is

Patti said...

I love this dress:

And I liked them on facebook!

starlightgal479 (at) gmail (dot) com

Ang said...

I need anything there that is sparkly!! Of course, the LAMB skirt is my fave. What a great site!!

maysaa said...

i'd get this black halo dress


Allison said...

What an awesome website! I would get this dress by Ralph Lauren:


LaToya said...

OMG! This sight is so exciting - cute,designer stuff in plus sizes for attainable prices. Wow.

I've liked them on facebook, and I would love to buy the gray sleeveless dress by DKNY (Code 31042).



Tuahla said...

I signed up for their newsletter.

I would really have liked to wear this dress if I had somewhere to wear it:

So instead, I'd choose this one:

Lisa W. said...

I signed up for the newletter! What a great site— totally emailing the link to friends of all sizes! Why hasn't someone thought of this before? Plus the detail in the viewing is gorgeous. I feel like I know exactly what I'm in for.
I'd like the leopard print "Dress by Aqua" in a medium.
It's a steal at $14?! and I'd look so chic picking up the kids at school in it and my black suede boots!


Rebecca said...

I like: Earth green jersey dress with defined pleated waist. 94% Modal. 6% spandex by 411
and following on twitter

Kim said...

What a great idea. I liked them on FB and signed up for their newsletter.

kawilds (at )att (dot ) net


Hairline Fracture said...

Either the orange dress by Diane von Furstenberg or a leopard-print skirt by Rebecca Taylor.

I'm going to like them on Facebook now. Great site!

Sue said...

I signed up for newsletter *and* birthday gift. Ohhhh. I would pick the magenta dress by fever because I could layer it.

Sue msusanscott at

hurricanekerrie said...

Great site! I really loved the color and fit of this BCBG MaxAzria dress
It's fun and refreshing. I've liked them on FB.

Hotsy Malone said...

What a great site and I love that they have an array of sizes and don't stop at model thin! I would get the Michael Kors, size 14 Snakeskin Pencil Skirt!


Anonymous said...

Love this Diane von Furstenburg top:

It's not my usual style but oh so cute.

following via twitter @eannro

email: ba602 [at] hotmail [dot] com

Anonymous said...

Oh, yes please! What a great website. I particularly like the tangerine Deep V-neck Diane von Furstenberg frock (size 6). I've "liked" 365 Hangers on FB.

E-mail: seattleyoginiATcomcastDOTnet

jennypower said...

I love the Jones New York gold brocade cocktail dress in the XL section. I am a fan of 365 Hangers on Facebook.

Kristin said...

I love this dress by three dots:

Gracey said...

What a great site - I hadn't ever heard of it before, but they have some wonderful clothes. It was a tough choice for me, but I love this DKNY dress:

That zebra skirt is fabulous. I signed up for their email with

AnnaSpringer said...

I'd love the SKIRT BY OPTIONS BY SHAN! I signed up for their e-newsletter.

Sarah said...

I would get this dress:
love love love it! I signed up for their email at ssimpson83(at)gmail(dot)com, where you can contact me too!

Lee said...

I would get this black dressy dress for my daughter for new years eve!
I follow you and signed up for their newsletter~

Grace Wong said...

I'm in love with this french connection dress!

I like 365 hangers on facebook as Grace Wong!

Chelsea said...

I'm haing some problems chosing just one! There's so much cute stuff, and I like the fact the models are wearing stuff in my size, so i can see what the dresses would look like on me!
I love this dress, would be perfect for my new years party!

I've liked them on facebook, and twitter. I can be reached at

LegacyOfPearl said...

I love the black Ellie Tahari Sheath in Size 10 and the Large INC sack dress.

Signed up for their mailing list. Haven't heard about this site before so it's great.

legacyofpearl @ yahoo . com

Sara said...

I will now be receiving their newsletter.

NU by Mark Anthony

please email zayabijoux at g mail dot com

Tikki said...

I didn't know about this site! very reasonable. I would get the orange DVF dress
signed up, email at

may said...

DKNY dress all the way

Megan said...

I would probably get this MJ dress

Such great stuff...Def bookmarking 365!

Anonymous said...

The DVF dress.

Anonymous said...

The perfect LBD by Trina Turk!


vafleetwoo (at) presby (dot) edu

Linda said...

I like them on Facebook and I would love to get the Tahari Purple dress:

Sierra H said...

I've liked them on facebook. As far as dresses go, it's way too hard to decide but I think this might be the one: