Monday, March 7, 2011

Nancy's Gone Green Review and Coupon Code

I'm always delighted to be able to give away products and provide coupon codes to Already Pretty readers, but it's so rewarding to become acquainted with new, small vendors that work to provide fun, fashionable garments and accessories in a sustainable manner. Nancy's Gone Green is just such a vendor.

This website sells a combination of vintage clothing, jewelry, handbags, and other fashionable wearables, and new clothing from some of the best eco-designers in the business. They were kind enough to send me the DARLING organic cotton dress you see above to review.* It's by a company called Giggle that utilizes organic cotton and vegetable dyes in their designs, and this particular style is called the Penny dress. People, I adore it. I can hardly wait until it warms up enough to wear it without freezing my hiney off! If you're interested in this particular dress, sizing runs pretty true - I'm generally a size 8 dress and the medium fit snugly but well. The surplice neckline is pretty low, but would probably look less so on someone with more boobage. The cotton is soft and drapes beautifully, the pattern adorable, and the design fun and flattering. Two thumbs up.

Nancy's Gone Green has given me a coupon code for Already Pretty readers! Enter gogreen15 when you check out to get 15% off your entire purchase. And since most goods in the shop are already reasonably priced, you're bound to get some great deals. The code expires March 31, so get shopping!

And if you're interested, the company is currently running a giveaway for a $50 gift card on their Facebook page. Swing by and check it out!



Nancy's Gone Green said...

Thanks for the post and kind words about our shop - you look so fabulous in the Giggle Penny dress!

Anonymous said...

I followed the link from the "Fiere Freethinking Fattie" Feed. I was so excited about a dress I actually like (which is rare), but the sizes only go to 12?! I did some random searches and nothing there that will fit larger women. FAIL.

ingrid said...

I too was saddened that there were no larger sizes. Beautiful clothes, great eco mission, and reasonable prices, but no extended sizes. Too bad.

Anonymous said...

I was bummed about the lack of larger sizes too, but I did discover that the site does indeed have larger sizes in the Vintage & Preowned section! They go up to 5X there.

McKristie said...

Thank you so much for this link - jersey dresses are my friends due to my career and I have problems tracking them down at a decent price! Also love the vintage section! You look amazing in the dress btw

Anonymous said...

Hi- Nancy here! I am plus sized myself, and believe me I look for plus organic/fair trade. They are VERY hard to find. It is actually much more expensive to produce them and small indy makers stick to very standard sizes. But I always make a point of requesting them and yes, I find them for our vintage section. I feel your pain and will keep on trying! Nancy