Monday, September 19, 2011

Nepali by TDM Review and Giveaway

As I've mentioned before, I love giving away fun products to you lovely folks. But it's even more rewarding when I can partner with a company that not only creates great clothing, shoes, and accessories, but also seeks to make our world a better place. So I'm just delighted to have partnered with Nepali by TDM this week to give away one of their GORGEOUS scarves.

NEPALI by TDM Design works directly with predominantly woman-run and operated cottage industries in Nepal to support women weavers and craftsmanship in Nepal. In doing so, the company provides sustainable income to Nepalese women and helps weavers and their families break the cycle of poverty by providing them above market compensation and access to education and health care. Such a fabulous mission.

I was sent this utterly stunning Rosa Fish scarf to review and keep.* And let me tell you, friends, I couldn't love it any more if I tried. I'm a huge fan of multicolored scarves, since I see them as fabulous bridging pieces. A bright scarf can tie nearly any outfit together, and the more colors it includes, the more daring you can be with your other pieces! And yes, I realize I went with neutrals here, but this scarf is also such a fabulous statement piece, I wanted to let it shine.

In addition to having some of my absolute favorite shades, this handmade scarf has the most adorable fish graphic on it. You'd never know it when the over-sized silk rectangle is wrapped around your neck, unless that curious fish eye happens to peek out!

I'm thrilled to have a second Rosa Fish scarf to give away to one lucky Already Pretty reader. Here's what you've got to do to enter:
  1. Be a U.S. resident.
  2. Follow Nepali by TDM on Twitter, like Nepali by TDM on Facebook, or sign up for the Nepali by TDM e-newsletter. You MUST do one of these three to enter.
  3. Leave a comment on this post telling us what you'd wear with your Rosa Fish scarf if you won, and A VALID E-MAIL. Comments without a valid e-mail in the comment will be disqualified.
  4. Cross your fingers!

Enter by midnight CST on Sunday, September 25, 2011. I'll draw a winner at random the following day. This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only. Good luck!



Lab geek said...

This is such a pretty scarf. I wear a lot of black in winter, I think it is my comforting color. But I love to add some bright accent. This scarf would be perfect for that. Picture black skinny jeans with a black sweater dress and some black boots (which I am still looking for!) with that scarf around my neck! Fabulous

I have liked them on facebook. Flygirl.tutoring{at}gmail{dot}com

em said...

This scarf is screaming to be worn with my camel cashmere sweater, brown cords and knee high it love it love it!

Jessica N said...

I follow @NepalibyTDM on Twitter! I'd definitely wear it with my blue pumps that are exactly that color!

Elaine said...

There are so many ways I want to try this! Maybe I would wear this with my black coat or my grey dress or with this other scarf I have. What a fun scarf! (I liked them on facebook!) danceoutloud64 at gmail dot com

Mitzy Carter said...

I love this scarf. I have to wear scarves at work to cover a tattoo on my shoulder/chest. I also get the coldest neck since I have short hair.
I would wear this gorgeous scarf with a gray wool pencil skirt, biker boots and a pearl colored silk blouse.

Phira said...

Liked Nepali on Twitter (@phira). I would totally wear this with my eggplant dress, black tights, and black heeled boots.

sabend at gmail dot com

Bevin said...

That scarf is awesome. I lack in the style sense for normal life, but I would rock this out for my medieval recreation group. My persona is a Roma weaver, so I think that would be lovely with multitude of skirts in oranges and blues, my natural cotton top, and this as a head covering. It would be awesome.

I followed on twitter (bevincliodna)
e-mail amnadelhoffer (at) gmail (dot) com

liz said...

liked nepali by TDM on facebook. i'd wear the gorgeous scarf with boring suits for upcoming [hopefully] job interviews!

liz.zelnick [at]

Rebecca said...

I would wear this scarf with a black dress and blue tights in the same hue!
Following them on Twitter (@rrrisible)
rebecca . hass @ gmail . com

Keilexandra said...

I adore silk scarves--I wear them both around my neck and around my waist. In particular, I own J.Crew's lyric dress in shadow (a dark teal-shaded navy) and the neckline is a tad too deep on my short-waisted, petite chest. So I like to fill it in with a fabulous colorful scarf such as this one!

I'm following on Twitter as @keilexandra.
keilexandra at g mail

Evelyn said...

I would wear it with my turquoise silk dress. If it looked nice and not too boho, I might even tie it around my waist as an overskirt to the dress.
evel8yn at gmail dot com

Martina Lynne :: the life academic said...

Oh how beautiful! I'd almost be tempted to put it in a window to let the sun catch it, but in reality I would wear it with all of my fall basics to add punch and fun. Thanks so much for the kind offer!

Passerina said...

Oh! These are some of my favorite colors! I've got so many things that I could wear with this. I guess I'd start with a simple gray sweater dress, my teal tights, a black belt, and olive knee-high boots.

I tried to sign up for the newsletter, but I got the following message:

"This sign-up form is not available. Please contact this site's Webmaster for assistance."

I guess I'll try again later.

pcyanea at yahoo dot com

Katie said...

I would wear it with blues! Purples! Browns! Blacks! There are so many options. I love multicolored sweaters.

Shannon said...

Oh my gosh, I could wear this with so many things. I would wear it all the time just for the fun of knowing a gigantic fish was around my neck! I can't help but picture it with jeans (or denim shorts later on) and a chunky cream-colored sweater. Anyway, I liked them on fb, and my email is drownshannon at gmail dot com.

Shannon K said...

I could wear it with a vest. I could wear it with a dress. I could wear it under my coat. I could wear it in a boat. OH the places I could wear it...
Seriously--with a favorite black dress or jeans and a simple top.

Elizabeth said...

It would be fun to display all those colors against a neutral backdrop. Tan cords with a similar color sweater, brown boots and maybe a brightly colored bag sounds just about right.

following on twitter @eannro

ba602 [at] hotmail [dot] com

Gauss said...

Nice bright colors! I'd probably wear the scarf with one of my new blue outfits - I seem to have made a lot of blue clothes this summer.

Following them on twitter: @Gauss_2011

alina dot badus at gmail dot com

Cynthia said...

I would wear this scarf with all of the items that I have that roughly match it -- my turquoise cord skirt, my tangerine cardigan, my purple skirt. Not all at once, of course.

I have liked them on Facebook.

befabulousdaily gmail com

Barbara said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Barbara said...

Love the fish.

Liked on face book- but the email sign up on their page isn't working. :-(


Courtney said...

I'm following on Twitter (Penelope18327). :)

What a gorgeous scarf. I'd be incliend to wear it as a light shawl with a black sheath dress and boots, especially in meetings or at conferences where the a/c and the outside temp can be wildly at odds and a wrap is a girl's best friend. wilder at midlandu dot edu.

Turophile said...

Gorgeous - followed them on Facebook.
I have an orange top and brown skirt these would look lovely with.

eawefel at gmail dot com

vulpicula said...

What a fun piece! I would wear it with warm, shapely neutrals (olive gray cords, long camel cardigan) and one more punch of color, like a bright ring or bracelet to keep me cozy in my university library.

(I liked Nepali on Facebook under my name -- Betsy Bevis)

email: vulpicula (at) gmail (dot) com

em said...

forgot to mention earlier that I liked them on

lindsay said...

I really don't wear scarfs now but have been trying to get in the game. I think this would be a perfect test scarf to wear with everything (although I'd probably start with all black like you).

I followed them on Twitter.

lbacher at gmail

Carbon Girl said...

I love that it has orange and turquoise! So let me go all out and wear it with my teal skirt and orange yo la tango shirt. Why not put on my eggplant pumps for good measure? The scarf can tie it all together!
I liked them on FB.

heather said...

i'm such a fashion spaz, trying to take baby steps...and my most recent job was working in a chocolate kitchen, so...lots of cheap jeans + tshirts: things i don't care if they get chocolatey.

i LOVE orange, love the fish, and the bright turquoise...i have a brand-new black bamboo maxi-skirt that i'm excited about...need to find something trim for up top, but sleevey, because JUST TODAY it's suddenly cool and rainy!

aaand i'm following nepali by TDM on twitter!

snowpants7 at gmail dot com ! :)

Anonymous said...

Honestly, what wouldn't I wear this scarf with? The bright and vivid colors complement neutrals as well as the funky patterns that crop up in my wardrobe.

I love.

I liked Nepali by TDM on Facebook (Katrina Perkosky)

trinashere AT gmail DOT com

smoore said...

i'd wear this with anything, but i think most often it would get worn with blaxk tops and jeans to show off the colors of the scarf.

jlcl119 said...

That scarf is beautiful. I especially like the blue on it.
I'm not one for scarves around my neck, they bother me usually. But, I do tie them around me handbags. I have a gorgeous black Italian leather structured satchel that has this scarf's name all over it!
Oh, I could also drape it over the collar of my new trench.

I've liked this company on FaceBook.

Teresa said...

I'd wear it as a belt with my black shirtdress. Great giveaway! I liked them on fb.
teresa dot kurtz at gmail dot com

Emily said...

I would wear this scarf with my gray sweater-dress, maybe a bright pair of tights, and black boots. It's beautiful!

Liz said...

That's a beautiful scarf. I'm a scarf-wearing gal in the cooler seasons so this would get a lot of everyday wear!

I like Nepali by TDM on Facebook.

Amy said...

So beautiful! (I liked Nepali by TDM on facebook). I would wear this with black or with my color-blocked black and lavender dress. Hope I win!

amy at stacystudio dot com

Anonymous said...

Oh I LOVE it! How beautiful! I would wear this with my favorite dark pink sweater and brown corduroys.

I followed on twitter (@laurelerin)

marisa said...

beautiful! (i "liked" it on facebook.)

i would wear this with my skinny 80s jeans, my dark gray suede boots, a black tee and my long lacy pale gray cardigan. i would try to pick up the colors in my jewelry, probably the purple but maybe the orange! that would be pretty.

afkjl said...

I liked Nepali by TDM Design on Facebook.

If I won this scarf I would wear it all around Manhattan. It's just starting to get chilly and this scarf will definitely spice up my collection!

trezlen at gmail dot com.

sarah said...

I liked them on FB.

I'd wear it to perk up a neutral outfit

sarah_17042 [at] hotmail [dot] com

Anna said...

I've wanted to incorporate more orange into my wardrobe--and this is such a versatile piece! I'd wear this with a mod raspberry swing dress and teal tights or a white tunic with black leggings and high boots.

Liked on Facebook!

eve dot serpent at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

I'll keep trying to subscribe to their e-newsletter. In the meantime, I've e-mailed them about the fact that there's a contest going on a popular style blog telling folks they can enter by signing up for their e-newsletter, but the form to do so on their site does not work!

I am getting into the idea of pulling outfits together by wearing a scarf. This one would be lovely with dark jeans, a lavender tee, my dark green corduroy jacket and some black boots. Maybe my Frye motorcycle boots... :-)

berrycastle (at) gmail (dot) com

Amanda said...

Followed on twitter, and I would wear it as a way to perk up the black suit I'll be wearing a lot of this fall and winter.

Kaijsa said...

Thank you for hosting this giveaway. This gorgeous scarf would work with a lot of my outfits. I wear a lot of colorful solid dresses with color blocked accessories, and I think this bright scarf would be a nice bridge between colors OR a way to add more neutrals and still use the scarf as a pop of colors.

I followed @NepalibyTDM on Twitter and my email is kaijsa at gmail dot com.

MickeyT. said...

I would wear this lovely scarf with a great, big smile!

Tiffany said...

Awesome! I love sea-themed clothes, hehe. I would wear this with my octopus dress (from Anthro, grey with sea creatures painted on the skirt).

Newsletter for me.
tlufkin (at)

Maggie said...

I'm always looking for new accessories. I wear a lot of black and need more colour. I have liked Nepali by TDM Design on Facebook.

Thank you for hosting this great giveaway.

Jennifer said...

What gorgeous colors! I'd wear it with something really basic to let it take the spotlight, like a basic black turtleneck and a pencil skirt.

I like them on facebook.


Nethwen said...

I'd wear this with my brown or fusia cashmere sweater and jeans. Or I would wear it with my dress pants and corduroy jacket for work days.

I liked them on FB.

moonwindmusic at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

Love, love, LOVE this scarf! I wear a lot of basic dark colors, so this scarf will get all the attention.

I follow them on Twitter.
mariekeruys (at) yahoo (dot) com

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I'd pair it with my gunmetal shift dress, patterned tights and my new purple pumps.

wynnesome (at) gmail (dot) com

Am following them on twitter: @wynnesome

Nadia said...

Beautiful scarf! I would wear it with skinny jeans and a simple black turtleneck, black boots, too, once I find a pair!

(I "liked" Nepali by TDM on Facebook.)

crazie.daizie {at} gmail {dot} com

Bethany H said...

I think this would be a great scarf to dress up my usually jeans and v-neck shirt look -- I even have tops in most of the colors in the scarf, so I'll get plenty of variety out of it.

Followed on twitter @the_mayqueen
Email: nooses_are_hateful @

Anonymous said...

Working in an office, I'm always searching for a way to bring 'more' to my suits, cardigans, and pencil skirts. As you noted, a colorful scarf is JUST the way to go! Not to mention all the wear I could get out of it bringing a pop of color to my camel-colored swing coat this winter!

I follow @NepalbyTDM on Twitter now, thanks!

jodi.belshe at gmail dot com

Am said...

This scarf is amazeballs! I own a lot of lighter purples and blues, so this scarf would extend my love of those shades while adding a dash of dramatic orange to my ensembles!

I followed Nepali on twitter: @ secretagentam

amandapants007 at gmail dot com

Suzanne said...

I'd wear the scarf with a black wrap dress. I "liked" Nepali on FB.

Jeanette said...

This scarf screams, "I am unique!" It is so beautiful with its simple design yet bold colors. I would deffinatly try to show it off by wearing it with a long sleeve perrywinkle layered by a solid black tshirt. Black skinnys, and my cowboy boots. Of course, I would accent the bold colors seen on the scarf with jewelry. Love it!

I have liked Nepali on facebook!

Emma G said...

Liked on FB.
I would wear it with a chambray button-up.
Fingers are crossed!

Josie said...

I have so many grey and black sweaters that are begging for this scarf to class them up!


I'm following on Twitter!

Giedre said...

Ooo, so many outfits I could wear with it! I just got a job, though, that requires a lot of black, but encourages interesting details (like scarves!), so I think I could totally rock it there. :)

Annalie said...

So happy to "Like" this organization on Facebook! What a great cause (and BEAUTIFUL scarf!)
I would wear this with a white tee and purple pencil skirt. Black blazer if it's chilly. Or one of the 987234 black dresses I seem to own...

Jessiclaws said...

Beautiful scarf! There would be so many ways to wear it. I'd wear it with skinny jeans, boots, and a gray tee. And it'd be nice tucked into my coat, too.

jessicamlawrence (at) gmail (dot) com

firefly said...

I signed up for the newsletter. I would wear this with a wool cardigan and skinny jeans.


Elise said...

Very cool scarf. I'd wear it with lots of things, right now probably my cream pu motorcycle jacket.

And I'm following them on twitter and my email is hollyetf at yahoo dot com

Studio Frogbot said...

I would wear it with my jeans and t-shirts in the fall. I would wrap it around my neck in the winter with the bold, red jacket I am going to purchase for Fall. I would wear it with my plain black wrap dress to jazz it up some. I would wear it with my brown jersey skirt, a plain pink long sleeve, and hoop earrings. The possibilities are endless!!

Studio Frogbot said...

Oh, ancient laptop. You submitted my comment for me before I was ready!

I would wear it with my jeans and t-shirts in the fall. I would wrap it around my neck in the winter with the bold, red jacket I am going to purchase for Fall. I would wear it with my plain black wrap dress to jazz it up some. I would wear it with my brown jersey skirt, a plain pink long sleeve, and hoop earrings. The possibilities are endless!!

..I liked them on FB.

cwhf said...

I have liked them for a while on FB, actually! Lovely scarves.

When I have a statement scarf, I tend toward simplicity as well to let it shine. I would do a navy skirt, simple white tank and cardigan in a coordinating color with the scarf.


Shea said...

What a pretty scarf! I would wear it with an orange knit dress and neutral pumps. I followed them on twitter, and my email is

Flora said...

I would wear it with my blue sweater and black leggings!

ladyloriana [at] gmail [dot] com

Louise said...

So many colors, so many outfits! But the shade that jumps out at me is the purple, so I'd wear it with my purple long sleeve tee or cashmere sweater and jeans.

I'm following Nepali on Twitter. Email is louise.hornor at that email company that is part of Google.

Thanks for offering this lovely scarf as a giveaway!

Anonymous said...

My favorite "fade into the woodwork" silhouette is a black ballet top and leggings, with a long black blazer for more professionalism. This would really blow the doors off the fading part!!! :). Following on Facebook.

Adri said...

Beautiful! I would where it with a black dress and turquoise tights and cowgirl boots. Unfortunately, the email sign-up list is not working :(


shannon said...

I'd wear it with a black dress and boots! such a pretty scarf!

I followed them on twitter.

velorutionista [at]

Amy F said...

Jeans and a t? It would go with my glasses.
Followed on Twitter.
amyfrederick at usfamily dot net

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous and unusual scarf! I would wear it with my new red leather jacket!


Followed on twitter - whereistoto

whereistoto (at) hotmail (dot) com

Erin said...

What a beautiful scarf (and such a great mission)! I would style this with skinny jeans, a white t-shirt and boots.

sweetwindfall said...

I would wear it down town, out to a nice dinner and for a drink. It would be very unique because this little town i live in doent see lots of pretty scarves being worn.
I dont have a twitter dear :(
But I read your blog every day

Elise said...

I'd wear it with a black sweater dress or my navy blue sweater, jeans, and cognac riding boots. Lovely design!

etb5c [at] virginia [dot] edu

April said...

I'd wear it with dark jeans, a basic top and boots. I tried to sign up for the newsletter but it gave me an error message.

riordana AT gmail dot com

Brielle Dunham said...

I am Following Nepali by TDM on Twitter. My twitter is!/Brielle_RaNae.

I am liked Nepali by TDM on facebook!

my e-mail:

Liane said...

Liked them on facebook!
I'd wear this with a dark blue shirt, jeggings, and brown boots.

Meshell said...

What a gorgeous scarf. With so many colors, how could you not wear it with everything? I have a knee length, soft turquoise grecian dress that I would wrap and belt at the waist (I've so many belt choices at home, that I'ld choose the maroon or thin, light camel belt).

I have liked TDM on facebook and my working email is MichKCampbell [at] Gmail [dot] com

Meshell said...

What a gorgeous scarf. With so many colors, how could you not wear it with everything? I have a knee length, soft turquoise grecian dress that I would wrap and belt at the waist (I've so many belt choices at home, that I'ld choose the maroon or thin, light camel belt).

I have liked TDM on facebook and my working email is MichKCampbell [at] Gmail [dot] com

Megan Ruyle said...

Cream or white sweater, dark green knee-length, a-line skirt, with my big brown boots. Gorgeous way to brighten up neutrals!

i have followed them on Twitter at meganeruyle

meganruyle at

Paula said...

I follow via Facebook: Paula Giglia
I'd wear it to my fashion classes, and tell everyone about it, and on dates with my Marine once he gets back from Afghanistan!!

pmgiglia at yahoo dot com

LB said...

I followed Nepali on twitter.

I'd wear it with a navy blazer to give a work outfit more color and fun. I have really been getting in to orange lately. Love the color combination.

lbnc13 [at] gmail [dot] com

Anonymous said...

I liked them on FB.
I will wear it with my simple charcoal dress and black boots.
tahannon2(at)aol (dot) com

Sarah said...

What a beautiful scarf! I would wear this with a white tee, camel cardigan, skinny jeans and brown riding boots. Thanks for introducing me to this organization! I've liked them on facebook.


Alex D. said...

What a gorgeous scarf that is!

I usually wear a lot of black and gray, and find it difficult to integrate other colors into my wardrobe. I've had some luck with adding colorful scarves, though -- it's not as scary as an entire shirt or skirt (or a whole dress -- yikes), and it's a great way to "finish" an outfit. This scarf would look fantastic with my favorite knit black dress and wedge heel boots.

I don't have a Facebook or Twitter acc-t, so I tried to sign up for their newsletter, but got an error message :( I guess I'll try again in a bit.


Aibrean said...

I liked Nepali on Facebook!

I would be boring and wear the scarf with a black or navy blue t-shirt and jeans, or maybe plum-colored corduroys.


erin said...

I like Nepali on Facebook and follow them on Twitter!

I think I would wear the scarf with neutrals, like you do here. But there are a million options for such a gorgeous scarf!

esoldner at gmail dot com

DeeDee V. said...

I .just. got an olive/army green shirtdress that I lovelovelove - but it needs some perking up. I would wear this as a wide belt under a skinny leather belt.

love it! (I liked them on FB)

vanderyacht at yahoo dot com

heatherb626 said...

I have a turquoise top and black pencil skirt that would look amazing with this scarf!

I was able to like Nepali by TDM on Facebook, but the Twitter link and the form to sign up for the newsletter was broken :(

Allison said...

Love this scarf and the idea of pairing it with neutrals. I'd try it with boyfriend jeans and a white t-shirt.

Julie said...

Just acquired (via thrifting!) black skinny jeans and black lace-up boots. Adding my new deep purple trench and this scarf, I'm ready to go!

Jen said...

Ohmygoodness, I would wear this with my new skinny cargo pants, and a long tunic top. And my Fryes. Always my Fryes. So totally adorbs. But the top would have to be a bit plain to show off those colors!

I liked them on Facebook. And my email is

Clarendon Park Neighborhood Association said...

I liked them on Facebook.

I would wear this with all-black combos, but also a black shirtdress, charcoal grey sheathdress, and silver leather motorcycle jacket. Ok, not all at the same time, but this scarf would get some serious use!

amybl2004 [at] yahoo [dot] com

patti said...

(following on facebook)
I would wear it with my dark red knitted silk pullover and denim skirt.

dasha said...

Wow! I'd wear that with everything I own. Those are some of my favorite colors.

I like them on Facebook!

dasha said...

Oops, I was so excited that I forgot to put in my email.

Love this scarf and I wear it with everything!!!!

I have liked them on facebook, and my email is pibblestiltskin(at)yahoo(dot)com

Claire said...

As a true scarf luva, I'd style this lovely with a grey top, jeans, black boots, and probably add statement or dangly earrings. I liked on FB! playingcloset at gmail dot com

EL said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
EL said...

I struggle a lot with wearing purple, because my purple usually takes the form of single pieces, like a tee and/or jeans, with no way to unite them. This would jazz up my purple items into "outfit" territory.

I'm following on twitter. el001f (at) hotmail (dot) com

Ariana said...

Following @NepalibyTDM under soupsofcookie
Id wear the scarf as a vest belted with a magenta leather belt over a grey knit dress

frannie said...

Like a facebook

I have a wonderful collection of cashemere sweaters in black, camel, pink and red - This scarf would be a great addition.


Rebecca said...

I think I would wear this very, very often. I love bright, patterned scarves to bring interest to solids. I have a light blue sweater that just begs for a jolt of gold or orange, and I think this scarf would be perfect. :)

Rebecca said...

I liked Nepali TDM on Facebook, and I am keen to wear the scarf with the purple tweedy skirt I made last winter, black tights and boots, and maybe my magenta turtleneck!

rsreagan at gmail dot com

Thanks again Sal!

heidi said...

what a beautiful scarf! i'd pull out the magenta/purple colors with a cardigan i have in the same color and some classic black slacks. thanks for the giveaway!
- heidi (

Marsha said...

I liked Nepali on FB, and I'd wear this scarf with my wonderful black jersey dress, boots, and leggings this winter - the color knocks me out. I am marsha_calhoun{at}yahoo{dot}com.

Ami said...

I would give this to my mother in law for her birthday. She would look awesome in these colors and loves scarves.

I like them on FB.


adorkable said...

Orange dress. Purple tights. Need I say more?

Actually I'd wear it with everything I own, but I would definitely rock that outfit first.

adorkable said...

also, trying to register for newsletter.

Sidra said...

I'd love to pair it with a solid/neutral top and pants and let it be a bold and loud statement. Creating a simple yet unique outfit! Would LOVE to add it to my wardrobe!

Followed Nepali by TDM on twitter (@Sidrai)


Laura P. said...

I would wear it with my purple skirt and teal top. I followed on Twitter.
Sloanp at hotmail dot com