Monday, March 11, 2013

rareEARTH Fragrance Review Giveaway

I'm the kind of person who gets a migraine five seconds after walking into a Bath & Body Works. No fooling. I'm extremely sensitive to smells, especially overpowering ones, and am therefore extremely picky about perfumes. For several years I've spritzed a little of an Aveda essential oil scent most mornings, which smells lovely and fades away after about an hour.

When the lovely folks at Twin Cities-based rareEARTH reached out to see if I'd be interested in trying their products, I hesitated. But when they told me that they use 100% pure essential oils in their scents, create their candles using non-GMO soy wax and natural mineral color, utilize sustainable and cruelty-free materials, and that all of their products are made locally, I was intrigued. This company goes out of its way to avoid artificial colors, dyes, and irritating synthetic fragrances.

I got a lovely care package from rareEARTH and immediately adored the candles. They're just lovely to look at, and are scented with warm, welcoming fragrances. Many of the perfumes turned me off at first. They smell a little harsh when you sniff the bottles. But let me tell you friends, these mixtures become absolutely heavenly once applied to warm skin. I'm particularly fond of the Divino blend, which includes angelica root, jasmine sambac, and oak moss oils. It's spicy and woody, lingers for hours without being overpowering, and makes me feel utterly serene.

I've got a sample set of nine rareESSENCE fragrances - just like the one pictured in the brown organza bag above - to give away to one lucky Already Pretty reader! Here's what you've got to do to enter.

  1. Visit the rareEARTH website and peruse the candles and fragrances.
  2. Do one of the following: follow rareEARTH on Twitter OR like rareEARTH on Facebook OR sign up for the rareEARTH e-newsletter (bottom right corner of the homepage).
  3. Leave a comment on this post telling us which rareEARTH scent you think would suit you best, and A VALID E-MAIL. Comments without a valid e-mail in the comment will be disqualified. (Best policy: note your e-mail like this: sally [at] alreadypretty [dot] com)
  4. Cross your fingers!
Enter by midnight CST on Sunday, March 17, 2013. I'll draw a winner at random the following day. This giveaway is open to everyone, including international readers.

Good luck!


Nicola M. said...
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Nicola M. said...

I couldn't find anything about the scents on their site, but I'd love something down-to-earth!

N said...
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N said...

They don't seem to have a list of their scents, but anything light and natural sounds nice!

theshrubberyblog (at) gmail (dot) com

I followed them on Twitter. @NatCat89

Julie said...

I couldn't find anything specific about the scents either. I love lemon and lime scents especially with summer on the horizon.

Julie said...

I followed rareEarth on Facebook..

Anonymous said...

I would love to try one of the scents since my husband has a very sensitive nose and so, I have given up wearing scents :(



Anonymous said...

I really like smokey and spicy scents, and woody ones too when they don't smell like anise. maggieedna [at] gmail [dot] com (I signed up for the email, but with a different account)

Michelle said...

These sound great-my husband and I are both very sensitive to scents also. That Divino scent sounds nice, as well as the one described as "spicy cinnamon, clove and cardamom from Sumatra". I signed up for their newsletter. seashell [at] omsoft [dot] com

Anonymous said...

I couldnt find the list of scents on the site, but you had me at cardamon.
easteden84 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Kay and CJ said...

I don't see a scents list, but I love essential oils as perfume and would love to give their products a try. Like them on fb :)

gypsumoonebay (at) gmail (dot) com

~ Cee ~ said...

I "liked" on FB, and from what I can see on FB, I'd be interested in trying the Amani blend. The tagline is 'peaceful, tranquil, harmonious' which sounds perfect right now!
ceevegnashville [at] gmail [dot] com

Anonymous said...

For spring, I like real lavender or the fresh lemons and limes of Key West. Generally, spicy cinnamon, clove and cardamom recalling exotic Sumatra sounds lovely, too. Plus, the colors are divine!


Martina J said...

I love flowery scents, like lavender and rose. I'm also really sensitive to scents and most perfumes irritate my nose, which is why I'm interested in essential oils.

I followed rareEarth on Twitter. @martina_luisa

witcheskitty [at] yahoo [dot] com

Ranjita said...

Your review has me intruiged - I too hate overly strong smells and would like something subtle and refreshing.

I signed up for the newsletter.

Anahita said...

I'd love any of their scents that you like!
I liked them on Facebook

Anahita said...

Okay, so I posted the last comment and then went on facebook to look for the page, both the twitter and facebook links are broken. I can't find them anywhere!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't find scents either. I generally like citrus smells in the spring.

lbacher at gmail

Unknown said...

Beleza sounds interesting.

Followed them on Twitter! For some reason I couldn't get your link to work but I searched for them and found them.


waterbearerval said...

Love that they're all natural and cruelty free. I definitely signed up for their newsletter, and I'll like them on FB as well. I'd love to smell some lemongrass or patchouli! : )


Unknown said...

I follow them on twitter! I'm @bnbakedgoods.

I can't find the scents either, but I'm in as soon as I hear the word "lavender"!

Email is beautyandthebakedgoods [at] gmail [dot] com

The Bun said...

I too struggled to find the scent descriptions, but I love anything that smells edible! I will definitely be letting my mom know about this brand, as she is very chemically sensitive but loves candles and essential oils.

dust.wind.dude at gmail dot com

Jean said...

The Divino you had sounds divine. I signed up for the newsletter. I'm at thilmanyj at yahoo dot com

Thanks a ton

Jean said...

The Divino blend you had sounds divine. I'm thilmanyj at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

I love spicy scents and it's so hard to find something that doesn't smell chemical-ly.
I signed up for their newsletter

curryandcompsci [at] gmail [dot] com

Sue said...

I love the idea of essential-oil-based fragrances! I've signed up for their newsletter. s underscore warga at hotmail -dot com

Laura said...

those candles are absolutely beautiful! I wouldn't want to burn them!

I'm following via twitter (btw your link to them comes up not found? Searched to fine them)

silentlistener1 at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Following in FB :-)
jennifer.beaudette [at] yahoo [dot] com
I'd love the lemon-lime scent!

fleur_delicious said...

followed them on fb! But after going through their photos on fb, their twitter posts, and their website - I can't seem to find a description of their scents.

I *love* oakmoss, so the divino actually sounds interesting to me! I'm a woodsy/green/spicy girl; I like a lot of scents - and so long as they aren't really floral (a bit of jasmine is lovely, or a punch of lavendar or rose, but I loathe gardenia, lily, freesia, etc.), fruity, or cloyingly sweet, I'll probably enjoy it (especially if it is, as you say, an understated scent)!

fingers crossed: fleurdelisarah [at] hotmail [dot] com.

PS Sally, have you every tried MCMC or CBIHatePerfume lines? They're lovely and understated indie parfumiers - I think you might enjoy them!

Elspeth H. said...

I followed rareEARTH on FB, and I couldn't find scent info on their website but I love the sound of their products!

harris dot elspeth at gmail dot com.

Lilliejae said...

I signed up for the newsletter. I love anything spicy. I'm really interested in the reed diffusers. I love using those in my bath. jhmitchell3803[at]gmail[dot]com

Meshell said...

I really like the fragrance names. I signed up for the newletter! Michelle.campbell.contractor [at] crowncastle [dot] com

Anonymous said...

I saw a mention of Cardamom in the comments, and that's something I love in a perfume oil. I couldn't find descriptions of their oils on the page or FB, though - same as everyone else. I signed up for their email list. crankydevon [at] yahoo [dot] com

Anonymous said...

The amani blend sounds good to me! twoandahalf at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

I signed up for the newsletter.

The only specific scent I could find described on their website is the sweet orange, grapefruit, and black pepper (which is only listed in candle or reed diffuser formats). With spring coming in, that sounds like a lovely, refreshing warm-weather scent.

I love naturalistic scents -- herbs, spices, flowers, fruits, incense and wood. It sounds like Rare Earth has that going on!

snowmentality (at) gmail (dot) com

Amy Davis said...

I searched & searched (their FB page, too) but couldn't find any listing of aromas. That said, they look so pretty and sound fantastic!! I followed on FB and Twitter.

I love citrusy scents... especially for Spring.

abergop [at] yahoo [dot] com

Brianne said...

I couldn't find a list of scents or anything, but I absolutely LOVE citrus-y scents. Also fruity/lilac-y scents.

I signed up for the newsletter and followed/liked them on Facebook.

sirenperedhil (at) msn (dot) com

shannon said...

I couldn't find a list of scents offered, but I love anything citrusy or spicy!

velorutionista [at] gmail (dot) com

sarah said...

unfortunately, i had trouble with their website loading, but it looked wonderful and earthy. i did see a photo showing one fragrance as 'joyful and ecstatic' which sounds pretty great. generally i prefer darker, warmer, leather/musk/cinnamon tones, think of a dark warm kitchen full of copper and dried spices, with a fireplace. i don't know if such a place exists...

sscheckter at brynmawr dot edu

Anonymous said...

Jnk [at] pa [dot] net
Lavender or lemon.

Anonymous said...

I clicked through their photos on facebook after liking their page, and I think the Lilura one sounds intriguing, since it looks like there might be lavender involved. Otherwise the Divino combination does sound fabulous!

griffith [dot] alison [at] gmail [dot] come.

Lynna said...

I think this scent sounds interesting rareESSENCE Peace Candle. I liked them on Facebook.From jeannielynna (at) msn (dot).com

Turophile said...

Um, am I an idiot or is this a poorly designed website because I've been all over the site, can't find the list of fragrances. I did hit the dreaded 404 this page can't be found error a few times.
The site is beautiful, the products look gorgeous, but wow - hard to navigate.

eawefel (at) gmail (dot) come
(I liked on Facebook)

Heather said...

I really like that they use 100% essential oils.
I am fond of many scents, especially frankincense.


Bellenovatrix said...

Any of their scents with Vetiver. Because when I saw them at Expo East, I kept picking out the Vetiver scents. Now that my samples have run out, I'm *DYING* to buy more, and I can't find them anywhere!

bellenovatrix [at] gmail [dot] com

Unknown said...

I like the Valencia (Tangerine,
Grapefruit & Sweet Orange) because it's almost spring and I can't wait for orange blossoms in Florida!

The website where their products can be found is:

Also, my email is

Anonymous said...

I loathe bed bath and beyond, but these sound heavenly. I like warm woodsy scents.

bagdriwicz (at) hotmail (dot) com

Anonymous said...

Signed up for the newsletter. I love citrus fragrances.

Unknown said...

They don't list their scents on their site, but the one you described sounded amazing. I love anything with jasmine too. I also love that they are completely vegan. Yay! Thanks!
I like them on FB too - FB name Mollie Elwell

Anonymous said...

I liked them on Facebook. Unfortunately, I could not find a list of the fragrances anywhere. I prefer spicier scents. Although for spring, I would probably use something a bit lighter.